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For everything, in time, gets lost: the lives of peoples now remote, the tantalizing yet ultimately vanished and largely unknowable lives of virtually all of the Greeks and Romans and Ottomans and Malays and Goths and Bengals and Sudanese who ever lived, the peoples of Ur and Kush, the lives of the Hittites and Philistines that will never be known, the lives of people more recent than that, the African slaves and the slave traders, the Boers and the Belgians, those how were slaughtered and those who died in bed, the Polish counts and the Jewish shopkeepers, the blond hair and eyebrows and small white teeth that someone once loved or desired of this or that boy or girl or man or woman who was one of the five million (or six or seven) Ukrainians staved to death by Stalin, and indeed the intangible things beyond the hair and teeth and brows, the smiles and frustrations and laughter and terror and loves and hunger of every one of those millions of Ukrainians, just as the hair of a Jewish girl or boy or man or woman that someone once loved, and the teeth and the brows , the smiles and frustrations and laughter and terror of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust are now lost, or will soon be lost, because no number of books, however great, could ever document them all, even if they were to be written, which they won’t and can’t be; all that will be lost, too, their pretty legs and their deafness and the vigorous way they strode off a train with a pile of schoolbooks once, the secret family rituals and the recipes for cakes and stews and golaki, the goodness and wickedness, the saviors and the betrayers, their saving and betraying: most everything will be lost, eventually, as surely as most of what made up the lives of the Egyptians and Incas and Hittites has been lost. But for a little while some of that can be rescued, if only, faced with the vastness of all that there is and all that there ever was, somebody makes the decision to look back, to have one last look, to search for a while in the debris of the past and to see not only what was lost but what there is still to be found.

– The Lost, A Search for Six of Six Million by Daniel Mendelsohn

(Out of every tongue, tribe, and nation, God has called His people, and so these people are not, in the ultimate way, truly lost. Some of them will be in heaven, praising Christ for all eternity.)

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While I have always loved to read, and always loved a good story, I haven't always enjoy writing. For years I searched for a form of self-expression which would communicate what was in my heart and head that didn't involve the English language. I tried painting, drawing, music, and crafts, but to no avail. Only when I crept past my long standing hatred of all things grammar and spelling related, only when I put pen to paper with little care for rules and regulations, did my imagination take flight. I've had to learn the rules of my craft, though I still find them very confusing and often daunting, to flesh out my abilities. I've practiced the art of writing for well over ten years now and I hope to share with you some of that journey. My biggest influences are the Bible and Lord of the Rings coupled with cheesy action flicks and an interest in criminology. I do not have anything in print as of yet - due to the changing of my writing plans and goals one too many times - but I do hope to someday see my work in print being read by others. At this point, I’m content with my blog, my stories, and my little corner of the world. I have done a wide variety of things with my life, everything from picking blueberries, working in a sheet metal factory, milking goats, and owning a designer consignment boutique with my husband. I’m now a homemaker and housewife who uses her God-given talents to serve our church, manage our home, and tend to the needs of our very large extended family.

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  1. Abby,

    Feeling a little religious tonight so I will leave you with this. Humans can never count the cost of so many lost and forgotten people since the beginning of time. But God can, did, still does and will forever.

    I know that you know so that we both know what we are trying to say.