Quote of the Weekend


“The comments on a blog, the funny pics on a FB timeline are all the small actions that keep a lot of us together. Never buy the lie that your actions don’t matter because they are “too small.”

Remember to rest, to cry, to laugh and to BREATHE. Hey, it’s life. None of us get out of it alive :D .”

Kristen Lamb from her article Writing, Caregiving, and Confessions of a “Recovering” Control Freak

(Kristen’s blog on writing is one of my favorite writing blogs. Her advice is always helpful and always down to earth. She’s also a Texan. :-) I appreciated the idea of “none of us get out of it alive.” So true!)

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About AGentleandQuietSpirit

While I have always loved to read, and always loved a good story, I haven't always enjoy writing. For years I searched for a form of self-expression which would communicate what was in my heart and head that didn't involve the English language. I tried painting, drawing, music, and crafts, but to no avail. Only when I crept past my long standing hatred of all things grammar and spelling related, only when I put pen to paper with little care for rules and regulations, did my imagination take flight. I've had to learn the rules of my craft, though I still find them very confusing and often daunting, to flesh out my abilities. I've practiced the art of writing for well over ten years now and I hope to share with you some of that journey. My biggest influences are the Bible and Lord of the Rings coupled with cheesy action flicks and an interest in criminology. I do not have anything in print as of yet - due to the changing of my writing plans and goals one too many times - but I do hope to someday see my work in print being read by others. At this point, I’m content with my blog, my stories, and my little corner of the world. I have done a wide variety of things with my life, everything from picking blueberries, working in a sheet metal factory, milking goats, and owning a designer consignment boutique with my husband. I’m now a homemaker and housewife who uses her God-given talents to serve our church, manage our home, and tend to the needs of our very large extended family.

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