Thanksgiving 3

523568_10202312866250989_556158456_nToday I thankful for fall.  I love the cool rain, the shorter days, and the bright trees.  I love the leaves blowing across my lawn and sprinkling the streets with orange.  I love the gray sky contrasted with the orange, yellow, and brown foliage change.  I love sweaters and scarves.  I love extra blankets and fires in the fire place.  I love holidays that bring family  together to make merry.   Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.   I love the promise of hibernation, rest from work.  I love how the dying of the leaves and the sleeping of all the little creatures makes spring all the more wonderful.  Fall is a season of rest.  It is a time of inside looking out.  I love the beauty of fall.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 3

  1. I love how a stately tree in the backyard whose flowers radiated back the hues of brilliant sunsets in spring, bore sweet fruit in summer now carpets the grass with dancing golden leaves!

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