“Noah” – An Opportunity For Christians

It’s encouraging to be reminded that we are not following just another myth and random religion, but the One True God. This won’t sit easy on the ears of our culture which demands that we treat everyone and everything as equal, but it’s the truth. Thanks for the reminder Rod of Iron.

Rod Of Iron

Noah I have not seen this movie, but I have read enough to comment on it. The problem with Aronofsky’s film can be summarized with one word – mythologization.

Aronofsky reduces Noah to myth. He treats it like a story. Like it some kind of fairy tale. Like he has the right to re-interpret it for modern audiences. He puts it on equal footing with a long line of films like the recent “Pompeii” or the upcoming “Hercules”.

Noah is not a myth and cannot be reduced to a myth. It is an historical account of God’s revelation to humanity. It is the account of God’s word to mankind. Therefore, for Aronofsky to open his movie with “In the beginning there was nothing”, and to go on to imply that God needed to learn mercy – or whatever other kinds of heinous crimes he commits against God in telling this story…

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