Guest Post: Read No Evil, Write No Evil?

A dear, and soon to be published friend, asked me to do a guest blog post for her. She allowed me to talk about my most favorite subject: saving monsters! Thanks Heather! If you haven’t checked out the Tethered World, do so, post haste! I hope to be able to write a blurb about her book soon and direct you to go buy it! 🙂

Tethered Together

This week I’m stoked to have a guest post from a good friend and talented writer, Abby Jones, from the blog

I met Abby through another writing friend from the blog strokemanswoman. Before I met her face-to-face, I read the prologue to her (as yet) unpublished book. A book about Vampires. Can’t say I’ve ever had an interest in such stories but I knew that—though the story would be dark—there would be redeeming qualities because my new friend loved Christ.

To be honest, what I read disturbed me. A prologue isn’t the place for the redemptive elements to glister. The purpose is to set up for the conflict that is to come in the main body of work. Between a vampire with a stash of blood in the fridge, and a serial killer on the loose, I was swallowed into a very dark world from the get go…

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