Comment Issue

Hey Fellow Bloggers!  I just found out, with the help of a friend and fellow blogger, that all my comments are going directly to your spam folder. If it seems odd that I haven’t commented on your post, please go check the spam folder. If you find several comments from me, you now know I was trying. I’m working with WordPress on this issue!


8 thoughts on “Comment Issue

  1. I’ve had 2 comments from you that went to my spam queue, but no problem with others. Haven’t figured out what you’ve written that would cause that, but I now know to be diligent in rescuing falsely accused comments. 🙂

  2. Maybe they just caught up with you. Couple of comments that are out of line will do it every time. Not saying that it has happened to me, but then again. Ha ha.

    Found four comments from you in the spam in a can folder. Fixed and will reply later. My prayers out to you and your cousin’s father.

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