Quote of the Weekend

“My Jesus, as thou wilt!

Though seen through many a tear,

Let not my star of hope

Grow dim or disappear.

Since thou on earth hast wept,

And sorrowed oft alone,

If I must weep with thee,

My Lord, they will be done.”

– by Benjamin Schmolck

“Not as I will, but as thou will.” Matthew 26: 39


(This is a beautiful hymn for those suffering in this world, be it great or small. I also loved it because I had recently named a character Star and I was really struggling with her name choice. I just wasn’t sure if it suited her or not. The line “star of hope” made up my mind. The name is perfect for her and I can’t wait to see how she develops. This is a first class example of a writer’s mind doing several things at once: being encouraged by a great hymn and sorting out a character at the same time.)

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