Quote of the Weekend

“While she slept she had a dream. She dreamt that the Neverland had come too near and that a strange boy had broken through from it. He did not alarm her, for she though she had seen him before in the faces of many women who have no children. Perhaps he is to be found in the faces of some mothers also. But in her dreams he had rent the film that obscures the Neverland, and she saw Wendy and John and Michael peeping through the gap.”

-Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

(My husband got me this book for Christmas almost two years ago and I’m just now sitting down to read it. What a beautiful, delightful little book. I love the overall sad tone mixed in with childlike adventure.)



2 thoughts on “Quote of the Weekend

  1. That’s funny, because I just read it for the first time last year. And I loved it for the exact same reasons. His writing style has a magical quality to it that’s so beautiful. This quote is a good example of that, too. Plus, the book has a great opening line. 😉

    • Yes it does! I really enjoyed it. It was so nice not to be disappointed by something you’ve waited so long to read. It’s also nice to read something that breaks so many of our modern ‘rules’ and realize they aren’t as important as we think they are if the story is good.

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