Thanksgiving 2


I’m thankful for all the way God faithfully provides for me and other saints. I have a roof over my head, my husband has a job, we have food on the table, and are surrounded by people we love and who love us. God is good. And God goes above and beyond just my needs. He has provided us a home with so many trees and room for more, both people and trees. He has covered our needs and given us more so we can help others. He has not just given us food, but so many foods: cheese, meat, bread, sweets, fruits, vegetables and more. He has given us each other, and he has given us a family that loves us, little nieces and nephews and some not so little ones, parents and grandparents. What a blessing! He’s given us so many friends, wise and good friends who share that wisdom with us. God is good and I am thankful for his bountiful blessings.

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