Health Update, Blog Schedule, and a Short bit of Prose

Dear readers!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I visited my Doctor last week and I’m still having some health issues which are causing mass exhaustion. My Doctor has me well in hand and I’m seeing small improvements. She has put me on six weeks of rest and tomorrow starts week 2. Because of this, I will only be able to post about once a week. Instead of my normal three to four times. The post I get up will be on no particular schedule or topic. They may be thoughts, short stories, or reviews.

I appreciate everyone’s prayers as I adjust the scope of my focus to go no further than beyond the walls of my house, that even in this I will trust the Lord for he is good.

I will Be Still

Though I must rely on the “in sickness”

Part of our vows

I will be still

Though I must depend on others

Because my body is weak and frail

I will be still

Though I lie on the couch

Unable to do all that I wish to do

I will be still

Though I long to be and do

Yet I cannot do and be

I will be still

Though I watch the world go on

Without including me

I will be still

Though I find myself trapped

In a body tired and ultimately dying

I will be still

Though I may know what

May be my final end, even if years and years away

I will be still

For “my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness”.

Being sick is a time to be still and contemplate life. It is a time to weigh where your hope rests. I have wrestled with my heart, my sin, and providence much over the last six weeks and I must say that my heavenly Father hasn’t put me to shame. He has granted me renewed peace, hope, and trust in the work of Christ. I have nothing and am nothing, but in Christ I am adopted and beloved.


17 thoughts on “Health Update, Blog Schedule, and a Short bit of Prose

  1. You are continually in my prayers. I am so thankful you are slowly getting better, and your example of resting in the Lord is very encouraging to me. Take it easy! Love you tons!

      • (Insert Chewbacca-like cry here) No 😦 Originally we were planning on going when it was 3 hours away in Georgia, but traveling to Texas is a bit more of an investment for us. Lord willing, someday my husband won’t be bi-vocational and we can jet set around the world like other celebrity pastors 😉 Until then, I’m thankful for technology!

  2. Continuing to pray for you, Abby! Resting and being still are not easy for those of us who feel called to be “do-ers”…praying His Love quiets your heart and body so you heal. Love, Gracie

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