Quote of the Weekend

“So we cannot flinch from war.  We cannot hide from its cruelty,  its blood, , its stench,  its vileness or its joy,  because war will come to us whether we want it or not.  War is fate,  and wyrd bid ful areas. Fate is inescapable.”

– Sword Song by Bernard Cornwell

(I’ve really enjoyed Cornwell’s Viking Saga. He tells rich stories.)

Quote of the Weekend

“That is the unexpected trouble with love affairs,  I thought as I made more coffee.  You can fancy a girl like mss,  but more than just the look of her comes into it.  You find yourself having to allow for her personality,  too. At five- thirty in the morning.” – The Merlin Conspiracy by Diana Wynn Jones

(I have really enjoyed Jones stories, her world, and her style. I can’t wait to read more. Also, this quote made me giggle. It’s so true.)

Quote of the Weekend

“He could see now through all his rationalizations. His arguments against belief in a Creator had never been intellectual ones, as had claimed. By rejecting a Creator he thought he could rid himself of a Judge. But it had not worked. His atheism had been the opiate of his soul and the executioner of uncalculated millions. But now his comforting atheism could no longer exist, even for a fleeting moment, for he had been forever stripped of the power to deny reality.” – Safely Home by Randy Alcorn

(This is a gruesome scene in the book where we get a fictional glimpse into Mao Zedong in hell. While I personally believe Hell is not the absence of God, for God is everywhere, but the absence of Christ, this is still a unique imagining of the atheist in hell.)