Just A Random Quote and Thought

While reading God Without Passions: A Reader Edited by Samuel Renihan I came across this line  from John Tillotson:

“If God be pleased to stoop to our weakness,  we must not therefore level him to our infirmities.”

We do this so readily as corrupt beings. I think I’m seeing this more and more in myself as God uses the teaching through  systematic theology at our church to shine a light on the places in my heart that are still dark. Little by little he weeds out the places where I try to make him more like me.  For if God is like me then he is less awe inspiring and I may have a share of glory. If he is all together different and must stoop down to me, I’m in a frightening position. I am a creature and he is the creator. And we are not the same.
But God!! In all humility stoops down,  bears with our infirmity and creature-ness. He forgives even when it takes years into our Christian walk for us to begin to understand him correctly. And he sent Christ,  who became a man like me,  suffered and died. The God I can’t comprehend became like me to cover my sins and make a way to God.  When we “level him to our infirmities” we no longer need Christ.  We rob Christ of his glory when we do that. But if God is I Am that I Am. Unchanging. Fully and far different from us, outside of time, then Christ, our mediator,  only grows in beauty and preciousness.
So, that’s my random musings for the day.