Swings and Lawn Mowers

My inspiration! Photo by Elizabeth Groves

My inspiration! Photo by Elizabeth Groves


Once upon a time, a little girl with flowing hair and a bright smile held a baby bunny in her hands. Her Daddy had found the bunny lost in their yard. The little girl stroked his extra soft fur. She cuddle him close to make sure he wasn’t scared.

With help from her Mommy, the little girl made the bunny a soft home and fed him lots of carrots. But, her Mommy said they could only keep him for a short time. See, the bunny was wild and wild bunnies have to live in the wild. The little girl was sad but she understood. She knew the bunny had to go home. So one bright morning, the little girl let the bunny go back into the deep grass. She let him go.

“Don’t forget me,” she called to the bunny as he hopped away. And the bunny never did.


Once upon a time there was a girl who kept a bookmark in a special place in her special book. She kept her most favorite picture marked so she could look at it anytime she pleased. And this special place, you ask?

This special place was a picture of a golden horse who could fly. The horse could bound over buildings. The horse could soar through the clouds and follow rainbows. Two best friends loved the golden horse, and the girl with the bookmark hoped that one day she could find her own magical horse and her own best friend

One day, one perfect day, she did.


Once upon a time, a little boy with blond hair and blue eyes had a birthday. On his very special day, the day the whole family celebrated his birth, his Grandpa and Grammie made him a swing.

Now, this swing was hung in a great oak tree. His Grandpa and Grammie came over on a special trip just for him, just to hang it.

The little boy was so pleased. He loved his swing. Almost every day he climbed up on the flat board, took hold of the ropes on either side and pushed up off the earth. Higher and higher he swung, pumping his long legs and laughing for joy. Back and forth, back and forth the swing swung make believing the boy could fly.


Once upon a time, a boy with a wonderful smile got a new pair of shoes. They weren’t like his other sneakers. They weren’t like his boots. They weren’t like his Sunday shoes or his sandals. They were magical shoes. Magical? Yes. With every step the boy took, his shoes lit up. Lights flashed across the back and sides.

Hop. Hop. Hop.

The boy bounced through the house watching his shoes flash.

With these new sneakers the boy could run faster, jump higher, and do great deeds of daring much to his mother’s great delight, for they were magical shoes.


Once upon a time, there was a little girl with blonde curls who delighted in everything. She loved the old hole in the parking lot. She loved her Sunday School teacher. She loved her Mommy. She loved her Daddy. She loved her Sister. She even loved the bathroom.

There was nothing in the world that the little girl didn’t find amazing. Bugs, rain, mud, coloring, singing, duck-duck-goose, Simon says, running, Grammie, Grandpa, everyone and everything was worth seeing and doing and that’s just what she did.


Once upon a time, there was a little ginger girl who lived out in the country far away from busy city streets and hustle and bustle. She lived with a tangled mess of a dog and a cat, tall weeds, trees and other neighbors’ pets. She lived where the bugs grew big in the summer and the old barn always needed to be explored again.

Every few weeks, her Daddy would drive the big old mower out and cut the grass back to a manageable height. The ginger girl was fascinated by the big old mower. She ran from window to window on her little legs watching her Daddy mow, watching the bugs fly out of the path, watching the grass blow away.

When, oh when, would she be old enough to mow, too?


Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loved to smile. He smiled at his cousins. He smiled at his mommy and daddy. He smiled at Grandpas, Grammie, aunties and uncles. He smiled at everyone. But, most of all, he smiled at his big brother. He also growled and hollered with his big brother. He thought everything his big brother did was awesome and to be immediately copied to the best of his ability. And who wouldn’t with a cool big brother like his? Who wouldn’t smile?


Once upon a time, there was a little boy who tasted food for the first time. Now, this little boy’s Momma was a wonderful cook and she’d been waiting and waiting for the day he could try food for the first time. One day, he did. And oh how magical the world seemed them. Not just a world of color and light, night and dark, nor just a world of hard and soft, warm and cold, but a world of sweet, bitter, sour, salty, savory, lumpy goodness…and peaches were his favorite…though chocolate wasn’t bad either.


Once upon a time, there was a little unborn girl. Safely growing inside her Mommy, she listened to her sister, her parents, her dog and cat, her loud cousins (there seemed so many of them), her aunts and uncles, and her grandparents. She listened to them sing. She listened to them pray. She listened to the words of love they spoke to each other every day.

One day soon she would meet them all face to face. She would see them all and she would touch them all. One day she would feel and know the love she only now could hear.

…and they all lived happily ever after…

Bruce swinging with Grandpa Ronnie!

Bruce swinging with Grandpa Ronnie!


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  1. Love it!!! Super cute, and I like how each cousin has their own special story. 😉 how fun!

  2. Love the sweet short short stories. So much like the ones we tell them about e day as we tuck them into bed at night or sit at the table together. Thank you!

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