Quote of the Weekend

“. . . People. The guy bent over at the sink trying to work the sludge out of his knuckles with solvent, and his wife at the stove with her hair in curlers, shushing the kids over the booming racket of the radio. Her faces catches the light in a certain way, or that tender, dreamy look comes over it as she watches the baby, and the guy at the sink straightens and moves up behind her and steals a kiss, and she laughs, fussing a little because he’s still wet and soapy–and then turns and hugs him in the middle of the kitchen floor, wit the kids squabbling over the toys and the radio yammering away . . . All the men and girls with their with their dreams and derelictions, their quarrels and reconciliations, wrenched away from those intimate things now, those naked things, snatched up and flung harshly into jungles, mountains, burning desert sands for the preservation of this way of life we believe in so passionately–and which has so many glorious things about it that the simple contemplation of it, late on a hot, still night like this one, between the jungle and the see, 10,000 miles from home, can move you almost to tears . . . .”

Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer

(People. I love the beauty of this paragraph.)

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    • Thanks! I’m feeling a little better all the time. Still pacing myself and my life has slowed down quite a bit (which isn’t a bad thing). I’m still working on getting my iron levels up so meat “is back on the menu”. 🙂 But better and better. 🙂 Thanks for checking on me!

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