Little flames whisk the smell of apple cider into the air and I breath a sigh of rest. Relax. Autumn.
So ready for orange and red and berries and crunchy leaves underfoot.
So ready for dark mornings, early arriving evenings,  crisp playful winds with hints of rain.
So ready for clouds racing across the heavens, shivers sending me for sweaters, flames flickering consuming bonfires.
So ready for pumpkin everything, holidays gleaming, homes filled with yummy smells.
It might be August, hot and still. It might be almost two more months before real fall is here, but I’m ready. Oh so ready.
Autumn: my favorite season.

8 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I second this!! Christmas is my favorite holiday, but autumn is the best season by far. 🙂 I love how you captured the spirit of autumn, and all the things I love most about it, with just a few lines. Lovely! You have excited my anticipation!

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