2015 Jones’ Christmas: Shopping, Stockings, and Star Wars

Every week Liz, Imogene,  Remi,  and I go shopping together.  In honor of holiday, we enjoyed some Starbucks and stopped ay Mom and Dad’s to pick up my stockings.  Mom made our stockings as kids and now I have grown-up ones!  Aren’t they pretty! Made my Christmas perfect!

This evening is Price’s work party: Cheesecake Factory and Star Wars!! 🙂


Fun time shopping!




So happy with them!

I don’t get any pictures of our Christmas Party and Star Wars cause my battery ran out in my phone and I couldn’t seem to find a good background or poster to use. Seeing Star Wars in the theater was great fun. Everyone clapping a cheering was great. Here are my first thoughts:
It was very fun. And it was fun to see it in the theater with everyone clapping and cheering!

I think I realized that 90% of my love for Star Wars is nostalgia.
There are worlds and characters that I love much more than the Star Wars world and characters. (Firefly, Star Trek, and obviously Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter)

All that to say, it was fun. It did a great job using the music. The acting was good. It was way way way better than the last three. (Episode 1-3) I didn’t feel really emotionally connected to it like I expected too. I do think it was kinda a rewrite of A New Hope.

When I left I felt like the best movie I’d seen this year in the theater was still Fury Road.

What did you think?

Merry Christmas!

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