Anton the Brave and Grandmother


This has been an absolutely perfect Christmas! I’ve had help from my Mom, extra Mom, and all my sisters to get everything done without wearing myself out or stressing out. I feel so much better post-Christmas this year than I did last year. Last year the 26th was the start of my downward spiral. This year I took it slow and don’t feel too bad at all. I’m ready to tackle the New Year, get back on my diet, and maybe start working on some of the projects that have been on hold for over a year now. Don’t worry. I’ll go slow and get lots of help!

God is good.

This Christmas saw the passing away of two people who are very dear to me. I think their passing, and the sadness I know it produced in their families, sweetened the holiday for me. It made everything and everyone more precious.


Aton the Brave, as I will forever call him, passed away in early December. The witness of his family touched so many people. Their last Christmas together, our opportunity to serve their church so their pastor could be with them, the gathering of the saints both there and around the world, both physically and spiritually in prayer, trusting God all the way was a bright light shining in this dark world.

Anton the Brave’s funeral is today. With all my heart, I wish I could be there. My prayers are with his family today as they bury their son.

God is Good.


Me, my husband, his father, and Grandmother just after she turned 101. This was taken about four weeks before she passed.

I won’t be able to attend Anton’s Funeral because on Wednesday my husband’s Grandmother went to be with the Lord. Tomorrow, we’ll be driving out to Palestine to bury her next to Grandfather. For years now she’s been talking about how all she wanted to do was go home to heaven. She’s lived for 20+ years after her husband passed away. She’s seen one of her sons die. At 101, just before Christmas, the Lord took her to be with him. She died in her sleep.

God is Good.

The world may not understand this, but I have struggled very little with sorrow over Grandmother’s passing. She slipped from this world into Heaven. She got her greatest wish. I was blessed to know her. I was blessed by her witness, her testimony, her sweetness. She welcomed everyone with an open loving smile. I only wish I’d known her better, but I have confidence that that wish will come true. I know where she is and so I’m filled with hope, a little envy, and great joy. She has gone home!

God is Good.

As I face two funerals so quickly after Christmas, I preach the truth to myself. Death is the ultimate price of sin. Death in this world, even of saints, is because of sin. God promised that sin would lead to death. It has. We can vividly see that. Death is proof that God keeps His promises. God is faithful.

How dreadful! Yes. It is dreadful and frightening. God keeps His promises and He said we would die because of sin.

But God! But God is good. That is not the only promise He has made and kept!

As I face two funerals so quickly after Christmas, I preach the truth to myself. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ, but, what is the birth of Christ? The birth of Christ is proof that God keeps His promises. He promised a Seed. He promised salvation to sinners. Christmas is proof that God keeps His promises. God is faithful.

Christ came. He vanquished over death so it has no sting and I see that in the death of my Grandmother. God has used even that to bolster my faith. I see it in the death of Anton the Brave. His family’s witness is one of faith to the very end because God keeps His promises. We face death, but God has provided a sure salvation.

God is Good.