Sunday Thoughts (Inspired Prose/Poem): Do Not Be Afraid

Do Not Be Afraid

Have you ever thought

how truly terrible

telepathy would be?

To read and feel and

know a fellow sinner,

a fellow monster’s,

inner thoughts?

All their anxiety, all their hatred, anger, lust, petty meanness, belittling, envy, covetousness. All that is selfish, self-focused, and disloyal in each of us. All that is psychopathic and sociopathic about each of us. All that is dark in us.

Can you imagine how that would tear,




all of us, our families, our relationships, our world?

Monsters are we all, hidden behind our pretty clothes and jewels. Tombs, rotting and stinking, painted white and carved, all beautiful.

A King of pure holiness,

pure goodness,

pure light,


And horror of horror, mountains please fall on us, this King can see all that we are. Into our core, the very heart of us. He sees our TrueSelves: lazy, self-worshipping monsters, oozing rot and ruin, that we are.

He opens his mouth and we quail back from him.

We’re lost.

How can we be in his light?

“Do not be afraid.”

Worlds stop.

Sounds fall.

All stills.

Do not be afraid? He of pure light tells darkness not to be afraid?

“Your sins are forgiven.”

Worlds rejoice.

Sounds rise.

All is in peace.

True goodness says, “Do not be afraid.”

Grace, Grace!

We have found our hiding place where we are free, accepted, clean, and loved.

“Do not be afraid.”

With these words, we can turn and love washed monsters because we are washed monsters, fellow beloved of the good King.

-Abby Jones: inspired by Pastor Jarret Downs’ sermons on Luke 5

Pacifists’ War and Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors


Pacifists’ War (Shatterworld Trilogy, Book 3) by Lelia Rose Foreman

A while back I reviewed Shatterworld (Shatterworld Trilogy, Book 1). It was a wonderful “Pilgrim” space story with excellent world-building, amazing aliens, and a smart heroine named Rejoice.

Pacifists’ War picks up years later. Rejoice is married, has children, still looks to the stars, and still loves the hexacrabs. But life is about to change when a new group of colonist arrive with opposing views on all of life. Let the conflict begin!

The thing I enjoyed most about this book was the realism mixed so firmly and beautifully in with the science fiction. Hexacrabs are just the beginning of all the strange and dangerous life surrounding the colonists. But it’s the real life marriage problems, health issues, damaged relationships, broken trust, sin, and very real humanity that sucks you into this story and keeps you reading, reading to find out if all that is broken can be redeemed. There were many times when I felt emotionally drained by the book because the relationship issues were so realistically portrayed. And, trying not to spoil, the ending was the refreshing hope you longed for through the whole book, even if great darkness had to be traversed to reach it. Foreman doesn’t use epic battles or huge mountains to create valleys of shadow, she uses interpersonal conflict on a faraway planet. Well done.

The other thing I loved about this series was the way it’s written. Rejoice was a child in Book 1, and Book 1 was written in that voice for that audience. As Rejoice grows, so does the depth and maturity of the story culminating in a very adult book in Pacifists’ War. This gives the reader a real sense of time and development of the characters. Parents may tell young children who loved Shatterworld that they have to wait to finish the trilogy, but if you’re a more mature reader, it can provide a safe setting to discuss many different topics ranging from marriage issues, parenting, rationalism, faith, Scripture’s authority, pacifism, death, homosexuality, and so much more. All of this is touched on in Pacifists’ War, providing excellent opportunities for some lively discussions if you feel your older kids are up for it. This also makes this the kind of story that can be read again as the reader grows themselves. You will see it with fresh eyes as you experience more of life.

This is a great book and a great trilogy!


Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors (Nyssa Glass #1) by H.L. Burke

Take lots of adventure, mix in a robots, a haunted house, plenty of steampunk-ness, a snarky computer, and a reformed pickpocket and what do you get? Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors!

Following her normal pattern Burke again provides a fun, enjoyable, quick adventure that is perfect for a Friday night into the wee hours of Saturday morning. Grab a bowl of popcorn and some chocolate and snuggle in for a grand time.

I loved this book because the adventure had a nice mix of horror which wasn’t overwhelming, but gave just a bit of spine-tingling. Nyssa is a fun heroine with plenty of moxie but also heart. And the computer is by far my favorite character. The interaction between it and Nyssa are hilarious and heart-felt.

I highly recommend this story and any other Nyssa Glass stories that are sure to follow!

(Remember, if any of these books catch your eye, just click on the link to head over to Amazon. I receive a small kick back for this, so you can think of it as supporting me if you enjoy this blog. THANK YOU!)

Quote of the Weekend

“Jonah shook his head. “I didn’t come to earn my salvage. I came because of my salvage.” Soul’s words from yesterday morning echoed in his mind. “It’s grace. And grace gives confidence.”” – The Cost of Two Hands by Abby Jones

(Because it’s my birthday, I thought I’d share my favorite quote out of my own story. Please forgive this slight self-indulgence.)

Birthday Week Day 5

Another day of enjoying the ordinary pleasures of life. 
I started out with some epic hot chocolate,  popcorn, and Lone Survivor (one of my top five favorite movies).


After that, I snuggled up on my back porch for a day of reading,  writing and editing,  reading creepy stories my sister sent me, and piddling around on the internet. Several different beverages and snacks joined me.


Finally,  my husband took me out for blueberry pancakes covered in maple syrup at Cracker Barrel to round out the day.
It was a good day.

Birthday Week Day 2

Day made by my bestie Liz!  Presents, Starbucks, Christmas music, and Donuts!  Plus, a Hobbit gift from me to my nieces. The rest of the day was pretty low key.




Hobbit gift for my nieces cause it's my birthday!


I'm the crazy aunt!


She knows me to well: quill and Serenity.


"You can't take the sky from me. "

Thank you Liz,  Imogene,  and Remi for a beautiful morning,  wonderful gifts that make me smile,  and even better,  just getting to be with y’all. I’m totally spoiled!

Birthday Week Day 1

My birthday is Saturday,  so I’m enjoying my week with a little extra fun. Today, I went down to our Library and sat next to their fake fireplace to do some writing.  I’ve always wanted to enjoy this quiet little spot,  and today I did!


Next, I worked in the yard!  I love being outside with plants and my audiobooks. I’m edging my flowerbed with old bricks…a project that’s been in the works for years.


Last, I settled in for an extended rest with one of my favorite movies: Willow.
This is the first movie I where I connected previews with something I could later watch. I saw it the first time during a Family Veg-Out Day. One time,  I watched it the or for times in one day. I used to do my hair like Madmartigan.   The nostalgia level is high with this movie.


A fun start to my birthday week!!!