Quick Health Update and Happy Mother’s Day!

I am having trouble processing protien which is causing my left arm and wrist to hurt. This means no typing right now. I can use the ‘hunt and peck’ method, but that’s exhausting. Lord willing, my doctor will be able to get me sorted out soon. In the meantime,  I’m focusing on my YA Faerie Story with a bit of pen and paper. This is going surprisingly well. Last week, I pretty much finished Jonah’s plot line which will be the ending of Book 2. I still have Adele’ s and Sparrow’s to write.


I wanted to say a short Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom. I love you more than all these trite little words can ever express. You are a dear friend made even dearer by the fact that you are my mother. Sitting somewhere with you, wine or beer or coffee in hand, talking about books or being a wife or just life is one of my favorite things.  Or as Imogene says, “It’s my favorite.” Thank you for always expressing your love of the Lord to us everyday. Thank you for educating us. Thank you for loving us in all our differences. Thank you for arming us with cynicism and a ready sarcastic remark. Thank you for raising strong Southern girls. Thank you for always modeling strength made beautiful in sacrificial submission! Thank you for worlds of advice, giggles, tears, and yes, even Rock Parties. I love you!

To my extra Mom: thank you for welcoming me into your home and heart so many years ago. Since then, we’ve had adventures, long talks, become neighbors, discussed homemaking on so many levels, sat in hospitals together, gone to weddings and funerals,  lived life. I’m so glad my life included you. Thank you for raising Price and continuing to support him every step of the way. You’ve been a wonderful example of a faithful wife to a Jones man. I love you so much!

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  1. I know I have thanked you for these thoughtful and kind words but let me say it again…Thank you!

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