Sunday Thoughts: The Dangerous

“Jesus retrieves those who are dangerous.” – Jarrett Downs (Luke 4:31-37)

We are insignificant monsters hidden in closets.

We are diseased.

We are murderers of innocence.

We are dangerous thieves.

Who will save us, the wretches wondering in the shadows?

Who will save the unsavable?

Who would want to?

The great SoulDefender arises.

He turns from the whole, the healed, the clean, the good.

He brings the light into darkness.

He touches the sick.

He befriends the villain.

He retrieves the dangerous.

The great SoulDefender. He is not a doctor of bodies, but of dirty souls.

He heals the rips and tears, re-knitting us. He battles and fights, great warrior, to win back, to save, that which others would only reject, leave, rightly abandoned.

Humbled by our undeserved rescue, by our undeserved adoption, we redeemed monsters follow our great Captain!

– Abby Jones

(Inspired by the preaching on Luke 4 and 5.)

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