Thanksgiving (Day 23)

Typically, when I do my month long thanksgiving I mention lots of people by name who I love. I didn’t do that this year because November turned into a crazy busy month and I just couldn’t do any long posts. I was afraid I’d miss someone if I tried to do short posts. So, to my husband, my church, my family, my friends, my fans, my fellow writers, my faithful readers, my crew, I love you all so much!

And an extra special thankfulness for Liz Groves, Emily Day, my Mom, Wanda Jones, Deanna Brown, Rachel Cole, Elayne Garrick, Denise Wilkinson, Emily Shiflet, Michelle Smith, Deanell Smith, Stephanie Florentino, Ruth Vincent, Joy Vincent, Anita Guffey, the Atterholts girls, and Heather FitzGerald. I love you ladies so much and can’t imagine life without you. You make life brighter and more wonderful.  (And now I’m terrified I’ve left someone important to me out. 😂)

Thanksgiving (Day 22)

You may or may not have noticed that most of my thanksgivings this year have been for quiet, ordinary, hobbit like things. This may seem insignificant to most of you, but for me it’s very important. For most of my life I wanted to be different, unique, weird even. my husband used to tease me by calling me “vanilla”. Just plain Jane vanilla. It irritated me so much cause I wanted to be different. I wanted to be an elf and not a hobbit. Hobbits were so ordinary.

Over the years my attitude changed. I began to see the magic, joy, and beauty of everyday ordinary delights. I, by God’s grace, found contentment in the common. And much to my surprise, I didn’t find boredom but abundance. I didn’t find dull existence, but the quiet magic all the Hobbits have that I just couldn’t see before.

Now, I smile at the light over the stove that we leave on to welcome us back home in the evening. I love a clean house and a made bed. I love a messy house that says family and friends were here. I love living in the same place with the same people. I love the change of season. I love good bread and good beer. I love snuggles under blankets with a man I’ve  known most of my life. I love everything the familiar adventure of traditions.

I love the ordinary. God is so kind to us to give us such beautiful gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving !

Thanksgiving  (Day 20 and 21)

It was a crazy, busy fun weekend.  I’m so thankful I got to spend it with my dear friend Emily Shiflet watching through Band of Brothers, taking a million miles an hour, and worshipping together yesterday. I’m so thankful for our Church Associations that brought her and so many others into my life over the years. God had been so good to us in the unity we experience together with fellow churches.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving (Day 18)

I’m thankful today for something that is very earthy and ordinary and temporary. I’m thankful for the TV Show Band of Brothers (my favorite only after Firefly). 

I’m so thankful for this weekend when I get to share it with a dear friend. This show resparked my love of WW2 history and reinforced my love of the brotherhood of warriors.

And now, I get to share it with someone else!!!! I swear I will try to keep random Band of Brothers facts to myself. 

Let the viewing begin. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving (Day 17)

Today, I’m thankful for my family! (There’s a lot of us, so I have to split it into two days.)

I can’t imagine my life apart from the Joneses. They are the best extra family a girl could have.  I love the snarky, irreverent, loud, Texan, adventurous family get togethers we have.  I love my nieces passionate love of Lord of the Rings. I love spending hours with my extra Mom talking about all the things.  I love having such a wise big sister.

It’s been a great joy during the struggles with my extra Dad’s health this year, to have each other.

I love you all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving (Day 16)

Today and everyday, I’m thankful this is the family God put me in. My whole life these have been my best friends, the people who I task to the most, the people who cheer me on in every step of life. 

And then we all grew up and got married, and again God blessed us with wonderful additions. Life would be much darker without my parents and siblings. I’m thankful for the wisdom, support, and general shenanigans enjoyed in this family. I love you all more than I can ever express and all y’all are a constant reminder to me of God’s goodness.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving  (Day 15)

Today, I’m thankful for Jules, Ellie, Constance, Joshua, Shannon, Bruce, Jude, Imogene, Remi, and Rook.

An Auntie couldn’t ask for a more wonderful group of nieces and nephews with bigger imaginations, sillier jokes, special hugs, growing geekiness, and bright eyed wonder. 

I’m so thankful to live near all of them and I’m blessed to be in their lives. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving (Day 13 and 14)


As I look around my house early on Monday morning and I see dishes piled up, things in funny places, and all the signs of company over last night, I’m thankful for the ordinary, local, particular church that I’m a member of. I’m thankful for this body of believers that I’m a part of.

We’re not perfect. We get on each other’s nerves. We’re families, singles, young couples, older couples, and generational. Some of us have been working on loving each other for a very long long time. We’ve been filling in for each other’s weaknesses. We’ve seen each other at our worst. We’ve hurt each other and had to forgive.

But over and over, Sunday after Sunday, we gather together to hear the preaching, to again rest from the fight. We soak in the blessed Means of Grace. We rub shoulders with these same ordinary sinners.

I love it.

I love each and every one of you at Heritage. I miss you when you’re gone. I ache when you struggle. I pray for you and each of the ordinary struggles you have: raising children, the failing of the body, growing up and figuring life out, marriage, money, life and death.

Each Sunday I’m reminded that no matter how dark my week may seem, or how loud this world may be, that the gathering on Sunday is eternal. It is the point. All the rest is a temporary, failing world that’s already lost the battle. Sunday is real. My church body is real.

Today, I’m thankful for my Church and for each and every saint in it.

Happy Thanksgiving!