Thanksgiving (Day 23)

Typically, when I do my month long thanksgiving I mention lots of people by name who I love. I didn’t do that this year because November turned into a crazy busy month and I just couldn’t do any long posts. I was afraid I’d miss someone if I tried to do short posts. So, to my husband, my church, my family, my friends, my fans, my fellow writers, my faithful readers, my crew, I love you all so much!

And an extra special thankfulness for Liz Groves, Emily Day, my Mom, Wanda Jones, Deanna Brown, Rachel Cole, Elayne Garrick, Denise Wilkinson, Emily Shiflet, Michelle Smith, Deanell Smith, Stephanie Florentino, Ruth Vincent, Joy Vincent, Anita Guffey, the Atterholts girls, and Heather FitzGerald. I love you ladies so much and can’t imagine life without you. You make life brighter and more wonderful.  (And now I’m terrified I’ve left someone important to me out. 😂)

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving (Day 23)

  1. Anyone who loves you knows your heart and will be more than willing to give you the grace of having missed their name. (Of course, easy to say since you didn’t forget me.) I am thankful to be counted among your church, friends, fans, fellow writers, faithful readers, and crew. Still trying to wheedle myself into your family as a crazy aunt or something. Dont know how I would have traversed this part of the journey without you. Love from the depths of my heart.

    • Words will never express how much I love you. And how unbelievably thankful I am that you asked me to babysit. From that job, I gained one of my dearest and best of friends. And I think we all count you as a necessary part of our family.

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