Quote of the Weekend and Thanksgiving (Day 12)

“Every picture tells a story and every person has a story. But there is one Person whose story stands apart from all others and that story is God’s, recorded for us in the Bible. God’s story tells us that He created, what He created in the first place, why He created man and what man’s supposed to do, why there’s so much trouble on the earth, and where history is heading.” – Better than the Beginning by Richard Barcellos

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving  (Day 11)

Today, I’m thankful for our Veterans. I’m thankful for the men and women who willingly put themselves in the path of danger and death for the sake of others. I’m thankful for those willing to sacrifice all to protect our country. I’m thankful God gave us men wired in such a way as to be effective warriors.

My heart weeps for the boys who never came home, and all the ones who came home broken. My heart rejoices at all the women who support them. I never grow tired of their stories.

So Thank you Veterans! and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving (Day 10)

I know this will horrify and shock many of you, but today I’m thankful for Christmas music.

I’m thankful for the soft warmth bundled up inside it. I’m thankful for so many happy memories nestled in each song. I’m thankful for the silly songs and the sad songs, and I’m thankful for the joy and sorrow the represent: God came to earth to save his people! What Joy! But to save us Christ had to die. What sorrow. I love that mix of joy and grief inherit to Christmas music.

I also love all the traditional American Bing Crosby type songs! They bring to mind happy days with family, lights, gifts, good food, and good cheer.


Thankfulness  ( Day 7)

Today, I’m thankful for how well I felt last week. I was able to be busy all day each day without paying for it with a sudden loss of energy. I tackled projects, enjoyed the people in my life, had friends over, maintained my home, and more in a way I haven’t been able to in over a year and a half.

I’m thankful for my chiropractor’s wisdom, and my husband’s patience through this whole time.

And, in thankful for the gift of this trial. I’m thankful I’ve had the chance to see God keep his promises to me, I’ve grown in my love for his church, it’s been good for my marriage, and become more tender hearted to those struggling with their health.

This whole ordeal has been a blessing, and I appreciate feeling better.


Thanksgiving (Day 6): By Grace, Not Left Alone

Today, I’m thankful for my husband, my fellow Pilgrim, and ask he does  for me, for us, and our church:
Down the road of life—this pilgrim way—we walk

Sometimes it flies by on dark wings filled with speeding change.

Other times it crawls on said knees with no visible motion.

Through these trials, light gleams,

a single bulb, a blazing sun, a candle flame:


And yet, what grace! It would have been enough to give us this faith-based light, but more is kindly given:

Faithful companions!

See? Kindness, compassion, gifts:

faithful fellow pilgrims—our church body, our families, our spouses.

Oh our spouses, who in all the darkness of intimate sins, plod along at our sides

laughter, long and late nights, routine,

What a gentle sweet communion between two limping pilgrims helping each other

supporting, carrying, cheering,

praying, weeping towards the Celestial City.

What grace the kind Lord gives us in




and the Church.

These our fellow pilgrims, fellow warriors, fellow saints, the children of the Standing Lamb.

Thanksgiving  (Day 5)

I’m thankful for so many things today!
I’m thankful for the chilly, wet, dark morning! I’m thankful for time to write and the joy of working on my YA Faerie Tale. I’m thankful for a quiet day and the joy of looking forward to spending time with friends tonight.
I’m thankful that in the middle of trials, we have ordinary delights.


Thankfulness  (Day 4)

Today, I’m thankful for faithful men who preach the word. I’m thankful for men who spend their days studying and spend their Sundays preaching. I’m thankful for faithful men who protect my soul, share the gospel, write books, sacrifice so much in this world for the sake of the church. I’m thankful for the gift of preachers and teachers.


Thankfulness  (Day 3)

I know yesterday I was thankful for the beauty of the earth, and this could fit under that category, but I wanted to give it its own day.
I’m thankful for rain. I love soft gentle rain falling on flowers and beading on petals. I love strong storms filled with lightning and thunder. I love the sound of rain on a metal roof. I love waking up to a rainy morning and wrapping up in the gray day.

Rainy days are calm, comfy, homey things. I’m very thankful to live in a world with rain.