Thankfulness  (Day 2)

Today, I’m thankful for everyday common grace. I find it interesting that when we write post-apocalyptic fiction the world is ugly, but we live in a post-apocalyptic world (The Flood) and look at the beauty God left us!  I’m so thankful for our oak trees, our pecan and crepe myrtle trees. I’m so thankful for flowers all around my house, the butterflies that have been so predominant this year, the wren and cardinal families nesting in our front hedge, the hawk couple living in the neighborhood, and the crows that visit occasionally. I’m thankful for the Texas Fence Lizards and Carolina Anolie that guarded our front and back porches like tiny Dragons.

God could have made this world so ugly after the Flood, but He didn’t. I’m very thankful for that small, ordinary grace.



Thankfulness (Day 1)

For most of November, I’ll be posting daily thanksgivings in honor of the holiday. They’ll range from the personal to the universal, silly to serious, ordinary to spiritual.

Please share in the comments what you’re thankful for today.


Today, I’m thankful for this wonderful word. As a fantasy reader and writer, it is the thing I love most about the genre. I love the magic of seeing something normal in a fresh and unique way based upon the world someone created. The ordinary develops depth and longings for something just beyond our reach grow more poignant.

Imagination is a gift from God and I’m very thankful for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!