Christmas Traditions (Part 4)

One of my very favorite Christmas Traditions is the Church Christmas Party for the Adults. It’s a fun evening of dressing up, finger foods, laughter, and good fellowship. Sometimes there is even Christmas Carol singing.
By this time of the year, it’s usually quite chilly… to us Texans anyway… so we can all wear sweaters and boots. We drive in the dark evening out to the Hodson’s beautiful home, checking out the Christmas Lights on the way. Then it’s in through the front door with crackers and cheese, greetings far and wide to the people I love most in the world, a quick word with my Mom and hug for my Dad, fill a plate–where are the rum balls?– and find a table. Then talk, talk, talk: Movies, books, TV shows, life, theology, personality types, life, more theology (we’re reformed Baptists after all), and more laughter. With a busy weekend, we decide to stay only a short time, but another theological question takes my husband off to a corner, so I rejoin the party. We go home late, but we go home happy.

I look around at these people, these normal, average, ordinary people and realize these will be the people I’m with forever. Not just now. Not just for a handful of years, but forever. I can’t tell you how much that thrills my heart.

I look forward to this event every year. Some of us have been coming for more years than we can count, some of our young people are coming for the first time. Some can’t make it and are missed. Some of us mingle well, and some of us are horrible at mingling, but you should know that just seeing fellow saints, being in the same home with them, is a joy and delight.

Merry Christmas!!!


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