Christmas Traditions  

This Christmas season has been a bit of a doozy for my whole family.  One sister is pregnant and throwing up all the time, my other sister has her oldest in kindergarten for the first time, one brother is down to one vehicle, and the other lives a few hours away. I got a part time job and my husband is getting ready to go back to school. Mom doesn’t have her tree up yet, trying to help everyone.  On the other side of the family, my extra Dad is on dialysis three days a week, and we’re moving our traditional Christmas meal to their house this year cause of Christmas being on a Sunday, but skipping our normal Christmas morning.

We’re all out of sorts this year. 

There are some traditions that we just can’t do this year: spiced cherry bells, ginger snaps, Sister Baking Day, Christmas breakfast. 

And yet, we will all be together, Lord Willing. 

We’ll be home for Christmas.

That is really the only tradition that really matters. We’ll be together.

So, have yourself a merry, little Christmas!