Motherhood from the Perspective of the Childless

I see you

I see the crayon marks on the walls

I see the frog themed potties, aim please

I see towel bars hanging low and bathroom stools to reach the sink

I see you

I see sippy cups scattered about

I see toys from here to there and everywhere

I see clothes, unfolded, piled on the couch

I see you

I see your body not what it once was

I see your hair and make-up hastily done, if done at all

I see your clothes, made for speed and comfort

I see you

The tired

The busy

The overwhelmed

I see you

With kids who are a joy

With little ones reaching for you, smiling, comforted

With wild life tumbling over, under, around

I see you

Pausing conversations every two seconds to tend and correct

Pausing conversations for drinks and snacks

Pausing conversations to train, train, train

Deep breath

I see you and you amaze me

I’m on the outside looking in

No longer young, or strong, losing hope moment by moment

Even losing desire, I’m already so tired

I see you and I smile

I pray with hope for you

I pray with thanksgiving for you

I pray for your littles

For, I may not have my own, but I pray for you and yours.

I see you, and you are beautiful.

I spend a lot of time with Mamas, and always find it a delight, even if it is a painful delight. I hope this expresses to all of you Mamas how much I love you. Thank you for including me in your life. This poem has been on my heart and mind for a long time. I pray for you Mamas all the time. I pray that you would have strength, discernment, great wisdom, and fortitude. I pray for the salvation of your children. You are all dear to me.

18 thoughts on “Motherhood from the Perspective of the Childless

  1. Abby, this is such a beautiful poem. Thank you for your honesty, kindness and genuine love that overflows from the fountain of Christ in your writing. Love you dear sister.

  2. Such a wonderful reminder not to motherhood for granted or forget that children are indeed a blessing for God. Thank you for your prayers and friendship. Your poem is very dear to my heart.

  3. Dearest Abby,
    This is the sweetest ever, so well and heartfelt said. You’re such a strong hearted person. So thankful I’m your aunt, for life!! Love ❤ you so do much. Your Aunt Bevky

  4. ❤ I have multiple childless friends, and this speaks so much to what I know of their lives. I love how my friendship with people who don't have kids reminds me that yes, I can be a person apart from my children, my identity is not solely bound up in being Mom.

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