2015 Jones’ Christmas: Shopping, Stockings, and Star Wars

Every week Liz, Imogene,  Remi,  and I go shopping together.  In honor of holiday, we enjoyed some Starbucks and stopped ay Mom and Dad’s to pick up my stockings.  Mom made our stockings as kids and now I have grown-up ones!  Aren’t they pretty! Made my Christmas perfect!

This evening is Price’s work party: Cheesecake Factory and Star Wars!! 🙂


Fun time shopping!




So happy with them!

I don’t get any pictures of our Christmas Party and Star Wars cause my battery ran out in my phone and I couldn’t seem to find a good background or poster to use. Seeing Star Wars in the theater was great fun. Everyone clapping a cheering was great. Here are my first thoughts:
It was very fun. And it was fun to see it in the theater with everyone clapping and cheering!

I think I realized that 90% of my love for Star Wars is nostalgia.
There are worlds and characters that I love much more than the Star Wars world and characters. (Firefly, Star Trek, and obviously Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter)

All that to say, it was fun. It did a great job using the music. The acting was good. It was way way way better than the last three. (Episode 1-3) I didn’t feel really emotionally connected to it like I expected too. I do think it was kinda a rewrite of A New Hope.

When I left I felt like the best movie I’d seen this year in the theater was still Fury Road.

What did you think?

Merry Christmas!


2015 Jones’ Christmas: Babysitting Claire and a Wedding

Over the weekend, we had the great pleasure of babysitting Claire. We have enjoyed two joint vacations with her family and Claire is very partial to Mr. Pie. (Price) It was great to both spend time with Rachel and Aaron, be a help to them, and spend more time with Claire! And Felicity of course!
Just to make things more fun, we spent the night and enjoyed breakfast together like we did on vacation!  🙂 Sorry again about all the dirty dishes left behind!



Story time!


Watching Peter Pan.

She wouldn’t let me put her to bed. Mr. Pie had to do it or we had tears. 🙂

After we returned home, we got all spiffied up for the long awaited wedding of two of our dear friends! Congrats Allen and Raelea!

Merry Christmas!

2015 Jones’ Christmas: Sister Baking Day


For several years we have done a Sister Baking Day. All of us Vincent girls (post and present) gather our ingredients and bake Ginger Snaps and Spice Cherry Bells. The first year this went great cause there were only two little girls involved and they were, well, little. The second year felt a little Anne-of-green-gable-ish as recipes got mixed up and the wrong amount of flour or salt or something got added into the cookies. Year 3 saw more kids but the cooking saw lest added ins.

Year four! Joy had everyone one over for a fun day of Christmas Tree Cupcakes, and a Gingerbread train. We didn’t really get to the Spiced Cherry Bells or the Gingersnaps, but we had so much fun decorating these goodies with lots of growing bakers. Also, Mom/Grammie gifted everyone with family copies of Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree. One of my favorite Christmas stories.

Highlights included Ellie getting into the frosting every time Joy turned her back, Jude eating a whole spoonful of flour, stealing salami right out of Jason’s grasp, reading two of Julie’s stories, Imogene’s adorable politeness–nothing is said without the proper please and thank yours–Rook’s giggles and pointing, Remi smiles, Bruce and Ellie telling the interrupting Cow joke over and over.

A good time was had by all!