Quote of the Weekend

“Am I sick? Health is mine, strength is mine, well-being is mine, a perfect enjoyment of all the good things of life is mine, because all that is Christ’s, who is God’s and who dispenses them according to his pleasure. And to whom would he dispense them if not to me, his child? If then he refuses them to me today, for a fleeting moment that passes like a ship of the mist, he has his reasons. It is because there are in those pains and this bitterness hidden blessing that are worth more to me than that health which is so precious or that well-being which is so sweet. He will never deprive me of any good except to give me some other, better one. That is my consolation; it is all in his love.” – Living in the Hope of Glory by Adolph Monod

(I think this may be my most favorite religious books. They are sermons preached by Monod from his sick bed during the last few months of his life, and I have found them rich.)