Happy birthday Imogene

Happy birthday beautiful Imogene! Thank you for inspiring so many stories with your joyful delight in life! I love all your why questions, the fact that you need four of everything, celebrating your birthday for days, and how intensely you love your movies and TV shows. Your a geek in the making!

I love you and am so glad you’re in my life!!

Happy Birthday Remi

Happy birthday my dear little Remi! I can’t tell you how much each of your smiles brighten my day. Your bright blue eyes are just like your Mom’s and just as beautiful.  Your calm personality and easy going attitude balances out your sister perfectly. I love how ticklish you are.  I love that I’m pretty sure you learned to head bang last week. I love that you want me to hold you, cause you see, I love you and think your pretty special.  Us second born sisters have to stick together.  Happy birthday Remi!

Birthday Week Day 1

My birthday is Saturday,  so I’m enjoying my week with a little extra fun. Today, I went down to our Library and sat next to their fake fireplace to do some writing.  I’ve always wanted to enjoy this quiet little spot,  and today I did!


Next, I worked in the yard!  I love being outside with plants and my audiobooks. I’m edging my flowerbed with old bricks…a project that’s been in the works for years.


Last, I settled in for an extended rest with one of my favorite movies: Willow.
This is the first movie I where I connected previews with something I could later watch. I saw it the first time during a Family Veg-Out Day. One time,  I watched it the or for times in one day. I used to do my hair like Madmartigan.   The nostalgia level is high with this movie.


A fun start to my birthday week!!!

Happy Birthday Rachel and Lauren


Lauren, from years ago! Now a teen who might kill me for sharing this picture. 🙂


Rachel, who may also kill me. :-))) Such beauties both!

It finally happened: teens! My nieces are teenagers! I can’t believe it! I love you both so much and I’m so proud of you. You’re both adventurous, brave, smart, and beautiful! You shoot guns, raise animals, read lots of awesome books, travel, cook, have awesome hair and being with you both is one of my favorite things.

I love our birthday tradition of Tolkien parties and can’t wait  to watch the Hobbit with you this year.

Y’all are the greatest young women and I’m blessed to be your Aunt!