Happy Birthday Bruce!

Happy birthday Bruce! I love you so much, bug guts! 

I love it when you come over to watch movies with me, or video games with Uncle Price. I love to make up new and revolting insults with you. I love going on adventures. I hope you enjoy being six! 

I hope you have a great year at school learning new things, and I pray the Lord shows you great grace. 

Happy birthday to a boy full of life, hater of hugs, and lover of nature! 


Happy Birthday Bruce!


Silly Boy! (Picture stolen from Liz.)

My nephew Bruce is often a main character in my Texas Cousins Adventure stories. Today, he turns 5! I can’t imagine life without him. He is smart, funny, extra fast, loves anything with wheels, loves movies and stories, has an over active imagination, and is very tall.

I love our movie dates together and I love that he loves Chronicles of Narnia.

I love you Bruce! Happy Birthday!