Quote of the Weekend

“Well,” he said, “it’s all over. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. True, it was rough. But I learned an awful lot that I couldn’t have learned at university or anywhere else. For one, I’ve learned about the things of life that are real and for another, I’ve learned it’s great to be alive.”

It was easy for me to see how he could make such a remark. The experiences we had passed through deepened our understanding of life and of each other. We had looked into the heart of the Eternal and found Him to be wonderfully kind. – Through the Valley of the Kwai by Ernest Gordon

(The testimony of two Japanese POW’s after they were freed. Both were saved during their captivity and saw the widespread salvation of the men with them leading to a camp life filled with self-sacrifice and service to one another. Wonderful testimony of God working to save his people.)