Little flames whisk the smell of apple cider into the air and I breath a sigh of rest. Relax. Autumn.
So ready for orange and red and berries and crunchy leaves underfoot.
So ready for dark mornings, early arriving evenings,  crisp playful winds with hints of rain.
So ready for clouds racing across the heavens, shivers sending me for sweaters, flames flickering consuming bonfires.
So ready for pumpkin everything, holidays gleaming, homes filled with yummy smells.
It might be August, hot and still. It might be almost two more months before real fall is here, but I’m ready. Oh so ready.
Autumn: my favorite season.

Happy Autumn

autumn-fall-wallpaperIt’s the first day of fall, and thus it’s my favorite time of the year!  Now for leaves and crisp mornings! Now for long dark nights, sweaters, hot chocolate, fires, and leaves, leaves, leaves. Soon the chill will increase and the coats will come out. Soon the days will be short and sweet and Christmas will loom on the horizon. But now pumpkins will turn the world orange and one scary night will herald in the holiday season. Soon we will have a day of Thanks and over eating. Happy First Day of Fall!

(Yes. I know it’s still hot down here in Texas, but a girl can dream, right?)

A Texas Cousins Adventure: Fall is Coming, We Hope

Texas Cousins (Picture stolen from Liz)

Texas Cousins
(Picture stolen from Liz)

“It’s HOT!” said Aunt Abby.

“No it isn’t!” shouted Bruce with that sparkle in his eye that said he disagreed to tease.

Aunt Abby scooped him up and tickled him until he screamed.

Joshua laughed and laughed. “Tickle me, tickle me.”

From the front steps of the Grammie’s porch, Jules and Constance watched while they blew big, beautiful bubbles.

“Aunt Abby. Aunt Abby,” Ellie said tugging on Aunt Abby’s jeans. “Tell us a story.”

“Yes!” said Imogene dancing through Grammie’s pumpkin patch.

“NOOOOO!” squealed Bruce almost unable to speak through his giggles.

“Yes!” said Jude unsure of what he wanted but knowing it was the most fun to disagree with Bruce!

“Oh no! Bruce and Jude disagree!” Aunt Abby said theatrically with her hand to her heart.

The seven cousins stopped every busy thing they were doing and stared at her.

“What?” Aunt Abby said.

“You’re silly,” said Bruce.

“So are you!” said Aunt Abby.

Once everyone who wanted to be tickled was tickled and even a few who didn’t, Aunt Abby herded them all inside for some cold water and a story.

Once upon a time, there was a drought over the land. It seemed like summer would never end. It seemed like the long hot days that bleached the sky white and trapped every Texan inside would continue forever. Seven cousins sat on the back porch looked out over the brown grass, the giant grasshoppers, and the wilted trees. Jules, the oldest, sighed.

“I wish it wasn’t so hot.”

“Me too,” said Constance, the second oldest. “It’s too hot to even go find bugs and things.”

“No it isn’t,” said Bruce who couldn’t believe there was ever a time when it wasn’t a good idea to go find bugs. His baby brother, Jude, completely agreed.

“I don’t think it’s too hot to go find bugs,” Jude said.

“Me either,” said Joshua, Constance’s little brother.

“Let’s go bug hunting then!” said Ellie. “It can be an Adventure! Adventures are the best!”

Imogene leapt up ready to go. The sun glinted in her red hair. “I’ll go with you!”

The giant scramble off the front porch didn’t result in any injuries, but did produce quite a few yells and screams and laughter.

Out into the grasshopper infested yard, the children ran wild. The hot sun beat down on their fair skin. Jules wiped the sweat out of her eyes as Bruce charged up with a three-inch grasshopper wiggling in his fingers.

“Look! I got one!”

“Me too!” said Joshua.

Constance, Imogene, Ellie, and Jude danced and dashed after their intended prey but the grasshoppers stayed a few hoops away from the cousins.

“Gross, Bruce!” Jules said.

“I don’t say that,” Jules hissed. “That’s what Aunt Liz always says.”

“I know,” Aunt Abby said. “But since this is a story about all of you and not about Aunt Liz, you get to say what she always says.”

“I guess that’s okay,” Jules said.

“Good,” said Aunt Abby.

Imogene stopped chasing her grasshopper and stepped under Grammie’s tree.

“My skin is warm,” she said holding out her arm for Constance to inspect.

“It’s a sunburn,” Constance whispered.

“My eyes hurt,” Jude said squinting up at the bright sky.

“Don’t look at the sun!” Jules said. “It will make you go blind.”

All the cousins immediately looked down at their toes and only peeked up at the sky.

“It’s too hot to chase bugs,” Ellie said, her face red and warm.

Bruce brushed his hair back out of his face. It stuck out heavy with sweat.

“We should go in,” he said. “It’s just too hot.”

“Look!” Imogene shouted. “A butterfly!”

A huge orange and black butterfly fluttered by the seven cousins. It headed back towards Grandpa and Grammie’s shaded porch. The seven children chased after it. Just as they came up on the porch, the butterfly twisted in the air and flew back out in the yard. Grammie came out the door with a bucket full of ice.

“Look Grammie,” Constance said pointing. “It’s a butterfly.”

“It’s a monarch butterfly,” Grammie said. “Do you know what that means?”

Seven serious cousins shook their heads.

“It means fall’s coming.

“Fall?” Imogene said.

“Yes, and after fall, after pumpkins, leaves, and cold east winds, comes Christmas!”

All seven cousins cheered!

“Christmas is the best,” shouted Jules.

“Yes it is,” Grammie said. “Now, who wants to play in the pool?”

“Me!” A chorus went up. Grammie turned on the hose, filled the pool, and added the bucket of ice to keep everyone cool.

“The End!” said Aunt Abby.

“Is it true?” asked Constance.


“That fall’s coming?”

“I hope so,” Aunt Abby said. “And I did see a Monarch butterfly the other day.”

“No,” Constance said. “Not today. Maybe fall can come tomorrow.”

“Oh,” Aunt Abby said. “Okay. Maybe tomorrow. But today is still summer.”


“Then fall,” Aunt Abby said.

“Then Christmas,” Imogene, Jules, Constance, Ellie, Joshua, Jude, and Bruce all said at once.

“Then Christmas,” Aunt Abby agreed.

And the seven little cousins did just like their make-believe selves and hurried out to play in the pool singing Jingle Bells all the way.

The End

Just a few Notes:

1) I’ve been on vacation and realized half way through writing this short story that this post was supposed to be about the Secret Agents. My sincere apologies to anyone I left hanging who has patiently waited for the next part and now must wait for another week. I’m very sorry.

2) A very very happy birthday to my baby sister Liz who is not only one of my truest and dearest friends in the world, but also one of the most beautiful mothers I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Love you! This Christmas story is for you.

Imogene with a friend looking a bit like she aims to misbehave.

Imogene with a friend looking a bit like she aims to misbehave.

This is Jules and her Jaguar. Behind her is the picture of a dragon that I drew for her sparking this story.

This is Jules and her Jaguar. Behind her is the picture of a dragon that I drew for her sparking this story.

Constance and Joshua!

Constance and Joshua!

One of my favorite faces!

One of my favorite faces!

Jude, our littlest man!

Jude, our littlest man!

Bruce showing off some muscles!

Bruce showing off some muscles!


My muses! I hope at Christmas to get me with all seven of the cousins!

Thanksgiving 3

523568_10202312866250989_556158456_nToday I thankful for fall.  I love the cool rain, the shorter days, and the bright trees.  I love the leaves blowing across my lawn and sprinkling the streets with orange.  I love the gray sky contrasted with the orange, yellow, and brown foliage change.  I love sweaters and scarves.  I love extra blankets and fires in the fire place.  I love holidays that bring family  together to make merry.   Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.   I love the promise of hibernation, rest from work.  I love how the dying of the leaves and the sleeping of all the little creatures makes spring all the more wonderful.  Fall is a season of rest.  It is a time of inside looking out.  I love the beauty of fall.