2015 Jones’ Christmas: Finished


Happy Christmas Eve! Today we’ll be spending the whole day with my side of the family! There will be beer and probably Nerf or marshmallow wars. There will be sugar highs and sugar crashing and other shenanigans! Yay!!

On Tuesday I finished up all of my Christmas To Do list! I wrapped the last present, wrote out cards to my family members, washed crock pots, gave up on eating right until next week, made a Mincemeat pie using my new Fox cookie cutter, made a cheese pastry, and sent the last Christmas cards out. I enjoyed Elf one more time before the big day!



On Wednesday, I took presents and goodies to my Mom’s house and ran the last errands with her. Back at my parents, I helped Mom set up and hung out with them, Liz, Imogene, and Remi before running to visit Deanna. The day was very slow paced overall. Nice. I got a wonderful reaction to my story from Emily S. also which was super fun.
On a more serious note, my husband’s 101 year old Grandmother passed away in her sleep last night. She was a believer and died in her sleep. God is the God of all comfort!


My parents' tree full of gifts from different families. 🙂


This is my favorite childhood decoration!


Christmas elf!


And of course Pheobe, the nanny dog.

Merry Christmas!!!

The “Write a Short Story” Project is Done!

If you were following my other blog, you probably caught wind of the “Write a Short Story” Project I was involved in over the summer.  Here is the conclusion along with the list of all participants.  Please read and share!

untitledCheck it out here!

Can you guess which part is mine???