Happy birthday Remi!

Today, a very special person in my life turnrd 2! Remi, I love your laugh, your smile, your affection. I loved how much you adore your big sister.  I find it funny how much you hate it when I have to tell you something sternly. It cracks me up how offended you get.  I love how spunky you are. I’m honored to be in your life  and I love you!

Happy Birthday Jude!

Happy happy 3rd birthday to this little man! I love everything about you from your bright happy smile, your rough and tumble attitude, to your love of cars and wrestling. I love watching you discover this world. I love how you say my name at the start of every sentence when we’re together. I love your hugs. 

I’m blessed to have such a fun nephew! Happy birthday!

(If you would like to read Jude’s birthday story, let me know. I’ll email it to you.)

Happy Birthday Rachel and Lauren!

Happy birthday to two of the most beautiful, awesome, adventurous, fun girls I know.

Thank you for making me an aunt when toy came into the world! I have treasured every minute with you and loved our movie dates, family days, and fun on Instagram.  I pray the Lord will grow you both in wisdom and grace.

Love you both so so much!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bruce!

Happy birthday Bruce! I love you so much, bug guts! 

I love it when you come over to watch movies with me, or video games with Uncle Price. I love to make up new and revolting insults with you. I love going on adventures. I hope you enjoy being six! 

I hope you have a great year at school learning new things, and I pray the Lord shows you great grace. 

Happy birthday to a boy full of life, hater of hugs, and lover of nature! 

Happy Birthday Joshua

Happy birthday Joshua! You are such a bright and fun little boy! I love your already growing geekiness shown in your love of Planes, Dragons, and Star Wars. I love how excited you get and how serious you are about them. I also love your cuddly side and how willing you are to crawl up in my lap and just sit at times. 

I love you and I’m so glad you were born!

Happy birthday Ellie!


Happy birthday to the girl who jumps in pools,  no sweat,  loves to be outside  even though she’s allergic to every bug, thinks her big sister hangs the sun,  has had no idea how not to be loud, and thinks the story of Moses involves sheep helping a little girl escape the bad guys. (You can tell they’re bad guys cause they don’t have shirts.)   I love you so much and I’m so glad you’re a bundle of story telling energy!

Birthday Week Day 2

Day made by my bestie Liz!  Presents, Starbucks, Christmas music, and Donuts!  Plus, a Hobbit gift from me to my nieces. The rest of the day was pretty low key.




Hobbit gift for my nieces cause it's my birthday!


I'm the crazy aunt!


She knows me to well: quill and Serenity.


"You can't take the sky from me. "

Thank you Liz,  Imogene,  and Remi for a beautiful morning,  wonderful gifts that make me smile,  and even better,  just getting to be with y’all. I’m totally spoiled!

Happy Birthday Constance!

Happy Birthday Constance! I love you so much! I love to listen to you sing. I love talking to you and watching you play. I love watching you take are of your younger cousins and I know you will just love being a big sister to Shannon. You are so pretty and so special to me. I hope you enjoy being six years old. It was one of my favorite ages. Thank you for being a inspiration for many many stories. I love you!