Her Husband’s Crown by Sara Leone


This was an excellent book. The chapters were short, to the point, easy to follow, encouraging and convicting. I loved her regular inclusion of hymns.

While it was a great blessing to have a book specifically aimed at a pastor’s wife, this book would bless any Christian woman. Just as the requirements for elder are the aim for every godly man, so these are for every godly women.  I highly recommend this book and plan to read it again just to be reminded of what a godly women looks like.

The specific application to having a husband who is a pastor was very helpful to me since my husband has recently become a licensed teacher in our church. Contemplating being a pastor’s wife can be very overwhelming. Sara Leone helped me take it down off it’s high shelf and realize it’s no different than being a good wife, just with a few applicational specifics. I was thankful to have the “wise older woman” come along side me and point out areas that I’m going to struggle with as she talked about being a pastor’s wife. And, even if I never get there, I’m far more equipped to pray for these dear women because now I have a better feel for their struggles.

It is my aim to be a holy woman of God, to be Christ-like in my life. This book, shortly and sweetly, served as a good reminder of what that means practically within the church body. Any woman in any walk of life would profit from this book.