Quote of the Weekend

SoulDefenders and HearthKeepers

The voice of God’s Shepherds, the SoulDefenders rise in song,

Thick, deep, loud, powerful

Mixed in, peeking out, the voices of the women who walk at their side,

Oft’ unpraised, the HearthKeepers.

As the night settles in, as the stars come out, the SoulDefenders gather in smaller groups,

Smoke hangs in the air

Beer, both light and dark, is savored

Talk and laughing with deep-bellied laughs

As only men who have fought spiritual battles can laugh.

Stories are shared of their sheep, the souls they defend,

Sometimes laughing so they don’t cry

They carry the scars of words, sins, stress

In their dark eyes and gray hair,

These Soul Defenders, Shepherds, Pastors.

A warning: Don’t become one of these men lightly

Don’t pick up their weapons seeking glory

You won’t gain what you seek

Seek your SoulDefender, SoulDefenders

Seek your Shepherd, Shepherds, and not yourself.

-Abby Jones

(I wrote this while at the ARBCA-GA in April. You may have noticed that while this bit of prose is called SoulDefenders and HearthKeepers, the HearthKeepers were only mentioned once. This is because they are often unsung in the shadows, but they are okay with that. Their job is a hard one with little praise, but they know it’s not about them. Someday, maybe when my fairytale is done, I think I’ll write a story about SoulDefenders and HearthKeepers.)