Ordinary Thanksgiving Day 5

For yesterday, I was thankful for the comfort of God’s people, preaching, prayer, and the Lord’s supper. I know I cried through most of the service, but I feel more at peace after our service. God is gentle. God lifts us with truth, and I’m thankful.

Thanksgiving 1


Last year, I had a new Thanksgiving go up every single day for the month of November. This year, the idea seems overwhelming. It’s funny how life ebbs and flows sometimes. I still wish to express my thankfulness, especially for those of you who know how much I love Christmas and may think of me as a holiday skipper. I promise my tree doesn’t go up until after Thanksgiving. 😉

This year I am thankful for the means of Grace, the Preaching of the Word. The older I get and the longer I live on this earth, the more attached my heart grows to the Lord’s Day and to the Preaching of His Word. It is here that I find help in my battle against sin, it is here that I’m armed for the fight and given courage. It is here that I’m reminded of my standing as an adopted child who has been given great mercy. It is here that the truths of God are made understandable. I long for each Sunday. In this, I’m thankful for faithful men who spend themselves in the study of the Scriptures for the sake of our little flock here in Texas. I’m thankful for fellow saints in the trenches who encourage me with their faithful attendance. God is good to us!

Happy Thanksgiving!