Quote of the Weekend

I read a collection of Neil Gaiman short stories and these are three of my favorite quotes:

“Lay off her,” said May. Her dark hair was cropped short against her skull, and she wore sensible boots. She smoked a small brown cigarillo that smelled heavily of cloves. “She’s sensitive.” – October in the Chair

(This made me smile because I was born in May, have short dark hair, sensible boots and sometimes smoke cloves cigarettes.)

“He nodded, as if he had not understood her. Then he said, “There are some as are what they are. And there are some as aren’t what they seem to be. And there are some as only seem to be what they seem to be. Mark my words, and mark them well, Hubert Earnshawe’s daughter. Do you understand me?” – Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire

(I like this one because it is deliciously confusing.)

 “You’re a fantasy writer,” she said. “You make up stuff like this for a living. No one’s going to believe you.” – The Facts in the Case

(This just made me laugh.)