The Perfect Day

Can you look back on your life and think of a perfect day? Many girls answer with their wedding day. I can’t. I still get stressed out about my wedding and it was almost 13 years ago. I could say any of the days on which one of my nieces or nephews entered the world. I could say any of the seven days of our cruise. I could say any of the four years I lived on a dirt road out in the country and spent the days biking, hiking, and generally having old-fashioned fun with my friends. I could say time spent with cousins. I could say the days I finished one of my novels. I could say any number of Christmases or snowy days. But most of these are happy moments, not perfect days.

There is one day in my life that I think of as perfect or blessed. It may seem strange, but it is the day I watched a saint go be with the Lord. I was there at the moment of my friend’s passing. I was there, surrounded by fellow brothers and sisters, when he went to meet Christ face to face. I will never forget the days leading up to his passing, the great love his church family showed him, the hymns sung, the prayers said, and the scripture read.

I will never forget the great peace the moment he died. His suffering was over. I think how strange we must have all looked to the staff at the hospital. Here was a single man who never did great things, yet he was never alone before he died. Here was a man with very little family, yet he was surrounded by people all the time. Here was a man who was cried over before he died, but not after. After he died, we had a quiet lunch cause we all knew he was in heaven. There was nothing left to be done.

I’m thankful I had the chance to watch a saint leave these shadow lands and go to the Celestial City.

So, no matter how strange it was, that day is one of the most perfect days in my memory.

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