Me, a vile wretched monster, murderer, liar, mischievous manipulator filled with pride,  stands before God, holy, good, loving, just, and filled with humility.

“Who will stand with you?” Holy God said.

I hang my head.  Who would stand with as gross a monster as I?

“Your judgment for your sin – ”


I cannot breathe.  Who holds the just judgment for me?

“I have paid in blood for this one’s soul.  She belongs to me.”

Behold my Brother, My Captain, my King stands shoulder to shoulder with me, his wounds did bleed to set me free.  He takes his cloak and flings it over me, making me clean.

“Qualified and accepted,” said God, holding His hand and not his Rod of Judgment out to me.

Who will stand by you in the day of Judgment?

(Inspired by  Larry Vincent’s Resurrection Day Sermon)

(When you measure yourself by the standard of a righteous God instead of by the standards of your fellow man, you find you have nothing to bring to qualify you for salvation.  It is an act of pure, undeserved grace to find yourself saved.  Nothing you have done or will do will ever qualify you for salvation – that’s grace.)