Sunday Thoughts: The Eighty-Five

10/27/13: Mentioned in Prayer Meeting:

The Eighty-Five

Try to put yourself in their shoes.  Imagine sitting in your pew – you know! the one you always sit in – and opening your hymn book or Bible to worship.  Imagine your dearest friends and family sitting all around you, some you don’t like so much, but you love for Christ’s sake.  You lift your voices together to sing.  You unite your voices to read the scripture.  You unite your hearts in gentle prayers.  You gather to go outside to share a meal, some lingering to catch up, some hurrying out with friends. Try to imagine what it would be like after sitting in an uplifting, convicting, encouraging Sunday Morning Service —–

The noise deafens you.

The reverberation of air forced out away from the source blows you over.

Heat races over your skin, burning you instantly.

Your ears ring.  Your nose bleeds and your head swims.  You shake it, trying to clear it of fog and fire.  You push up from the ground wondering why it isn’t clean.  What’s all this rubble and blood?  What happened?

Screaming.  You hear the screaming.  The moaning.  The weeping.  You shake your head, trying to clear it because nothing makes sense.  Weren’t you just singing a hymn as you left?  What are you seeing?  It can’t be, please Lord.  Let it not be.

Limbs, blood, parts, things no longer people litter the ground.  People no longer friends drape bowls of white rice.  Friends no longer family lay scattered about you – just bits and pieces.  She made good bread.  She just had a baby.  She never had a chance to have a baby.  He was about to retire.  He just proposed.  He just held his first son.

Try, oh sheltered ones, try to imagine the pain of looking around at what was once your family but no longer is.  Try to understand they aren’t anymore.

“Why?” you whisper.

“Why?” you scream.

Why did they come and then do this?  Why? They claim politics, but they did this because we are a church which serves Christ, the great Redeemer.  That is why they blew up our body, killed our members, and destroyed our building.  We are nothing more than simple Christians.  Our Savior was murdered and we should not expect to be treated any better, but you, dear believer in distant land, need to remember our eighty-five.  They were taken from us and rushed into our Savior’s arms.  Pray for us.  Eighty-five of our Church body were taken today.  Don’t look away from the price we paid.

Hold us close, Oh Lord.  Hold us as those truly left behind while we seek to stay true to you.  Help us to endure because of you as you refine us with very literal fire.  Hold us Lord, mend our souls.  Bring your truth to our minds and help us to remember what really happened to our eighty-five.8945805

(85 – 89 Christians were martyred in Pakistan when two suicide bombers waited for them to exit the church after their Sunday Morning service.  It is very important historically and as someone who lives in a ‘First World Country’ to remember that in other countries Christians are facing persecution, slavery and death.  Pray for our brothers and sisters in distant land.  Click here to see part of World Magazine’s article.)