Quote of the Weekend

“All I want,” said Podo, is to get these kids and their mother someplace they can live out their years in peace. Anniera is sacked and gone. There’s no more an Anniera than there is an Anklejelly Manor. It’s a dead island, as dead as snakeskin, and that’s what those young Igibys will be too if they get ideas in their heads about kings and stones and secrets. It’s ideas like that that landed us in this hole. If ye’d kept that fool map hidden better, we might be blowin’ smoke rings at Shaggy’s Tavern right now.”

Oskar stared at the floor. When he spoke, his voice was little more than a whisper. “Do you know how many heirs to the throne of Anniera exist in the world? One. And he’s snoring on the floor at your feet. Peet the Sock Man is likely dead, or he’d have found us by now, which leaves exactly one Throne Warden in all of Aerwiar. Leeli here is the first Song Maiden in generations.” Reteep raised his eyes to Podo’s. “I tell you, old friend, I’d rather be stuck here in a Strander burrow than blowing smoke rings in Glipwood, where the Fangs spit and bowel and kill our spirits. At least we’re here because we choose to be. We’re here out of bravery and not cowardice.” – North! Or be Eaten by Andrew Peterson

(If this doesn’t make you want to read this excellent series, I don’t know what will.)