Guest Posts

I have had the great honor of being featured on several different blogs of late. Please check out my article and the blogger who hosted my guest post!1098420_501757326565034_1650809252_n

Long standing FB, Twitter, and Blogger Friend, Darke Conteur set up an author interview with me. She asked great questions and I learned a lot about the interviewing process which I hope to apply down the road. This interview served as a good transition interview from where I used to be and where I am now. Thanks again for including me in this Darke.



20392_285577954896351_1129104847_nA new writer friend, soon to be published, asked me to tackle a darker subject on her blog. I was more than happy to help her. I found that while I don’t write about such dark subject matters any more, I can still hold to the lessons I learned at the time. Heather has become a value member of my writing group and one of my alpha readers. It’s nice having someone just a few steps ahead in the publishing process. Or, I should say several, cause she’s finished and submitted her book, something I have yet to tackle. Check out the Tethered Together blog by Heather FitzGerald.

Blog Post: Read No Evil, Write no Evil

10339770_10202856272620250_1135803542079547182_nOnce a month, I write an editorial for the Josh Magill and The Magill Review. Most of my articles center around writing and reading. They are posted the last Tuesday of every month. I met Josh through a unique short story writing opportunity. He gathered about 10 to 12 writers and limited us to 100 words each that had to be added to the previous 100 words. It was a fun challenge. After that Josh offered to share a blog post I wrote about pantsers and outliners. With a good bit of positive feedback on that article, Josh invited me to write once a month for him. I’m blessed and honored to be a part of his crew.

Latest Article: To Finish or not to Finish Reading

10246307_10152336478428190_944043745655855663_nAnd, lest we forget, earlier this year, I wrote a blog post for my dear friend Deanna Brown. This article was featured on Tim Challies’ blog and Deanna and I both enjoyed our time in the virtual limelight. 🙂 Deanna’s blog is filled with heart-felt thoughts that both encourage and challenge me. On her blog she walks you and herself through her husband’s stroke and life afterwards. Deanna has made her way through just about everything I’ve ever wrote, even the darkest parts, and has still loved me on the other side. I am so thankful to count her as a dear friend, sister in Christ, and go to person for all my writing angst.


Many thanks to all of you for helping me grow as a writer and blogger!