Thanksgiving  (Day 11)

Today, I’m thankful for our Veterans. I’m thankful for the men and women who willingly put themselves in the path of danger and death for the sake of others. I’m thankful for those willing to sacrifice all to protect our country. I’m thankful God gave us men wired in such a way as to be effective warriors.

My heart weeps for the boys who never came home, and all the ones who came home broken. My heart rejoices at all the women who support them. I never grow tired of their stories.

So Thank you Veterans! and Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Veterans Day!


Happy Veterans Day to all our Vets!  I used to try to list out all the Vets I know, but the list has grown so long that I’m afraid I’ll miss someone. What I’d like to do instead is list the four most influential Vets in my life.

Uncle Russ the Marine who gave three little kids MREs and Camouflage paint.

Grandpa Tirrill the Air Force Pilot with his name on a memorial in a small town up north for fighting in the Korean War.

Father-in-law Vidal Jones who fought in the Vietnam War and has shared a few stories with me.

Most of all to my brother Matt who will always be my favorite Army Tanker.

I love these four men more than words can say and I’m thankful for all the ways they love me. I’m thankful for the service they rendered to their country in a time of need and for their sacrifice.

I’d also like to say thank you to the two Chaplain’s wives I’ve had the joy of connecting with for serving their men for so many years.

Happy Veterans Day!

(And many thanks to my Dad for instilling a respect and love for these warriors and for history in us!)