Christmas Traditions (Part 8)

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white.”

Once upon a time, we had a magical and, yes, white Christmas Eve. (The story of why the Vincent side of the family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve will come later.) The day started with the sad news that Jason wouldn’t make it to the family celebration due to work. Spirits were low. Hearts were sad. We knew the day would come when we wouldn’t all be together for the holiday, but it was hard to realize that time was now.
Then low and behold, like the jolly man himself, Jason appears! A good day turned into a great day! A merry and bright day! A day of magical gifts. For, far more important to us than the giftsย isย  being together.

But the magic of this particular Christmas Eve wasn’t over.


We all wish for a white Christmas, but who in Texas believes we will ever have one, and yet, like a Christmas movie, snow sifted down from the sky! What joy! Grownups forgot their cares and raced outside like so many small children. Snowball fights ensured. Squeals of delight. White stuff flying!

That Christmas was before too many little ones had joined the family, so many of us spent the night at my parents house in a giant slumber party. We stayed up talking late into the wee hours of Christmas morning. We went out into the snow for a game of Frisbees unable to believe the white on the ground and not wanting to waste it.

It was a magical Christmas that joined others like the Christmas Fire, the Marshmallow Christmas, and Why we Celebrate on Christmas Eve, this was the White Christmas.

Merry Christmas! May yours be Merry and Bright with those you love gathered around!