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165670_1750785177386_4529354_nI started writing sometime between 2000-2001.  My husband, who doesn’t read fiction, read Lord of the Rings during his week of finals and decided to try his hand at writing.  Despite my abhorrence for grammar and spelling, I decided to join him.  We shared short stories and bits of prose for a while, then joined some writing groups and took an Continuing Education course on writing.  My husband changed his major to English and we dreamed of the day we would both be published authors.  I often teased my husband that my writing would make us millions but he would be talked about in colleges.

After a few years, my husband went on to pursue his self-education in computer programing, we decided to take our business more seriously, and writing fell by the wayside for him.  It did not for me.  I always have one or two or three stories percolating in the back of my mind.  During my childhood, I searched for a mode of self-expression.  I searched for a way to capture the beauty of what I saw around me.  I tried photography.  I tried painting.  I tried drawing.  I fought tooth and nail for it not to be writing despite being a strong reader.  Writing sounded far too much like grammar and spelling.  But as I started writing stories something in me came to life.  Something deep inside me said, “YES!  This is it!”

I have been writing for well over ten years now.  For most of those ten years my focus has been on urban fantasy which is just a fancy way of saying I like to write fantasy set in a modern setting.  I teach a writing class for homeschoolers and I host a monthly writing group for other women in my church who enjoy writing.  We focus on writing from a Christian worldview and the craft of writing.  I hope to share some of those lessons with you on this blog.


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